Thursday, November 13, 2014

Smart(phones) yet Dumb(people)

What are we missing? Do we know that we are missing something in life? Aren't we missing LIFE! What a meaningful expression of what we are missing daily. Just watch it.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Chirala trip - 29Mar'14


After nearly more than a year, i went on vacation for 2 days. This time with my company colleagues(or rather i say, my company gang). I have a beautiful team in my company and we all share a very healthy rapport with each other. They all have been to my engagement ceremony and marriage event. Ever since they narrated me their Ahobilam adventure(where they got lost in the dense forest and struggled to find way out just before dusk) that happened on the eve of my engagement ceremony, i was waiting for the right time to plan a trip with the same gang. We pulled it off finally at the last weekend of March.

Participants - Myself, Ramesh, Supriya, Satish Lade, Sowmya, Mounika, Gouse, Vipul, Piyush.

Destination - Chirala beach resort. I booked my accommodation in Sea breeze beach resort

Transportation - Chevrolet Tavera - only 9 seater available on rentals.

We all gathered at Supriya's home at 9:30PM. Had a nice dinner. As we had some more time to start, we spent time on the open terrace playing cards and chit chatting. 

Gouse was so full with the dinner that he actually turned into chatur(of 3 idiots film) and done the "Utthamum dadhdadaath paadam...Madhyam paadam thuchuk chuk ..Ghanisthah thud thudi paadam... Surr surri praan gatakam" and then sowmya spelt out the great theory of sound and smell. Everyone out there were all rolling on floor laughing like hell. We had some quick snaps.

All laughter's after the invention of theory of sound & smell :)

Talking to

Watching the wedding albums of the host

We  started at 12:45AM and was out of the city by 1:15AM or so. We did a non stop till Suryapet and had a pit stop at Suryapet dhaba.

We shuffled our places to just be make everyone comfortable and i am placed at the back of Tavera for the rest of journey. We had some good time chit chatting, playing around, teasing each other, sharing love stories(some real and some fake stories from Vipul :))

We reached Vijayawada by 5:00 AM. The road leading to Prakasam barrage was so crowded and was at snails pace even at those hours of the day. After we exited vijayawada, i don't remember when i felt asleep and by the time i woke up in that jumping jampang road leading to chirala, it was 6:30 AM and we had another 10 mins pit stop. I called up the resort for the directions and we all set again. In another 45 mins we were there at the resort, just beside the sea shore, just 100 meters from the shore. We could hear the sea wave splashing. We were all excited for the day ahead. We checked in and it was a very nice 9 bedded AC dormitory. Just the basic,clean, western washrooms, no hot water, with a telephone line to the reception and the restaurant. 

A/C Dormitory with basic utilities

View from the dorm

As soon as we arrived at the dorm, there was a call from restaurant to order the breakfast order upfront. Its not that they don't serve if we go there directly, its just that, they can keep the food ready. So, we quickly rushed to the restaurant. Had a heavy breakfast and got ready for the strenuous day ahead. The sambar and chutney was very tasty and we quicly gulped all those available idly, dosa, poori, chai, coffee.

Rushed to the beach.

<To be continued>

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Take a moment to Retrospect

What are we doing to enrich our life? Next month, and it would be an year in my current job. I was retrospecting past one year. What did i do so significant to enrich my life? In that line, i went on to retrospect my last 5 years of time. What did i do to make my life better? Or did i do anything that made anybody else life better? 

I always feel, that each passing day should make us much better individual, a much useful being to live. I was discussing the same with my friend and this discussion enlightened me with many things.

The satisfaction, sense of achievement, the feel of enriching need not be always tangible. The emotional endurance we learn, the unnoticed small things(like finding a better/shorter route to your work place, taking a measure to save time, starting on a healthy habit, a sense of satisfaction after heart full lunch) are not tangible. If one considers achievement at work/career, financial achievements(like purchasing a home, a car) or setting up a new business are the only measures to success, then, THAT'S WRONG.

Try different right things in life. Without trying, you will never know whether you are capable enough to get that, or you need to do something to improve your capability. And once you try, failures(or i say "mistakes") are obvious possible output. But,

Make your life watchable, because,

My friend made one very valuable statement in this context,

"Don't question yourself of "What did i achieve till date?" in a depressive mode. Question the same in a challenging mode and that give you the motivation to move mountains." Putting it in a better format,

Friday, November 01, 2013

Missing feature in PEGA 7: Process Instance Manager

There may be many more features which PRPC doesn't have. May be the work on it is in progress with product team or may be Pega never felt to have one such thing.

As a developer or the production system admin or a manager role in an prpc application, you may want to have a visibility of the business process. The over all business processes created in the system till date, the business processes running now, business processes that are suspended, business processes in waiting state.

Something like this,

                                                   Images: Cordys BOP4

We can also get all these info by running OTB list views from Work-, Assign- etc. but still a view like this would certainly be useful.

Couple of days back, when i had been to Pega Developer Conference 2013, i talked the team at the Designer Studio booth and they took the advice with grace. They said, they never thought about it, its a very important feature to include and would certainly take the input.